Larry Ochs Interview (English) (Italian)

Larry Ochs’ interview with Luca Canini for All About Jazz Italia via email in winter 2013 

Rova Interview (English)

2011 Rova interview with Jose Francisco Tapiz for Tomajazz Website 

Rova Interview

Bill Shoemaker interviews Rova in Point Of Departure, (September, 2006) 

Larry Ochs Interview (English) (Spanish)

2010 interview on Celestial Septet etc. with Pachi Tapiz for Tomajazz Website 

Larry Ochs Interview (English) (Catalan)

January 2010 Interview with Pere Pons for Jaç Magazine (Barcelona, Spain) 

Larry Ochs Interview

Larry Ochs interviewed by Luke Hartley; published in Paris Transatlantic Nov. 2009 (May, 2008) 

Bruce Ackley Interview

Jazz Weekly interview with Bruce Ackley (2002)

Jon Raskin Interview

Cadence interview with Jon Raskin (1999)

Larry Ochs Interview

Will Montgomery interview with Larry Ochs (1997)

Larry Ochs Interview

Alexander Kan interview with Larry Ochs (1990)

Rova Interview

A conversation with Rova (1980)


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