Thursday, July 29, 2021
7:00 PM
Rova on the Air No. 4: Rova performs Carla Kihlstedt's 'Pandaemonium' - 2010
followed by a live Q+A with Rova
This FREE concert, presented as part of Other Minds 15 in 2010, will be first streamed on Thursday July 29, and available all weekend until midnight Sunday, August 1. Link for show TBA.
Rova commissioned Carla Kihlstedt for a work that she called Pandæmonium, which premiered at the Other Minds Festival 15 in 2010. Rova was joined by narrator-actors Matthias Bossi and Joan Mankin.

Kihlstedt's inspiration and the texts used in the work came from the book, Pandæmonium: The Coming of the Machine as Seen by Contemporary Observers, 1660-1886 by Humphrey Jennings. All excerpts from the book were sourced from letters, articles, diaries, literature, and scientific studies about the industrial age, as experienced from 1660-1886.

The video recording of the 2010 show will stream all weekend, with a Q&A session live with Rova following the Thursday night screening.

The link for viewing will be sent separately closer to the date of the show, and listed at Rova.org.