taking rova's music into the schools


educationWith boundless enthusiasm and group members' collective knowledge, Rova takes its music into the schools. Since 1981, the ensemble has been giving one-hour lecture-demonstrations and extended workshops (ranging from half-day sessions to week-long residencies) throughout the world, including Canada, Italy, France, Sweden, Romania, the former USSR, Croatia, Austria, Germany and England.

In light of budget slashes for arts programs in public education, Rova has especially been active in the United States. Working in conjunction with Mitchell Korn—the president of Artsvision and a nationally recognized advocate for reintroducing the arts into public schools—Rova has been developing a music-in-the-schools program in the San Francisco Bay Area. By sharing its musical sensibilities of collaborative composition and creative performance, Rova's goal is to instill in students the value of working together in creative and cooperatively-conceived collaborations in disciplines ranging from music performance to science projects.