Rova Discography: 2000's

This discography only covers recordings on which the group Rova (a.k.a. Rova Saxophone Quartet) appears, though there are a few listed where one member is missing. Discographies of individual members can be seen at the individual member's own websites

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•  The Mirror World
(for Stan Brakhage)

New "deluxe" limited-edition CD release: Rova Special Sextet / OrkestRova performing two very different realizations of Larry Ochs' The Mirror World (for Stan Brakhage)

The hand-painted films of legendary American film-maker Stan Brakhage have inspired these two extended landscapes in sound, composed by Larry Ochs in 2004/05.

50 deluxe copies, numbered and signed by the composer, and each including four exclusive photo-cards from the 2005 premiere performance, on sale now only at

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All compositions © Larry Ochs /Trobar/ASCAP/ administered by BUG

•  Juke Box Suite
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Jukebox Suite

The seven compositions on this recording where composed by Jon Raskin with an idealized Juke Box in mind, where any kind of music might show up from any culture or time and be combined for the next "Play". My music listening has been informed by the spirit and work of Alan Lomax, from blues to raga, ragtime to avant-garde, pygmy chants to Korean court music, following styles and esthetics as they rubbed up against each other in the mingling of culture that was made available by intrepid searchers of music. The "sides" aren?t a direct borrowing but a weaving of the common threads that occur in all music's.

•  Totally Spinning
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Released in June 2006, this set of 8 pieces were penned by Fred Frith, Jon Raskin, Steve Adams, and Rova. Recorded in 1996 and 2000, a classic Rova sampling.

•  Electric Ascension
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Famed for its monumental scale and raw emotional power, John Coltrane’s Ascension has been rearranged in electrifying style by Jon Raskin and Larry Ochs to be performed by a “dream team” of master improvisers led by the Rova Saxophone Quartet.

•  An Alligator in Your Wallet
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Orkestrova on ewe; with compositions by Satoko Fujii and Steve Adams Sound files:
A Zebra on Your Roof
A Lion in Your Bag
An Alligator in Your Wallet
Survival (In Five Acts)

•  Resistance
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Released 2003 on Victo
Sound files:
The Drift