Historical List: other collaborations

The following are past Rova performances with debut date of performances in parentheses. Theoretically, any of these could be remounted upon request

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♦ The Ice Age (1997)
This Rova-styled electric big band performed original works by Rova members Larry Ochs and Steve Adams. The original band featured members of the bands Mr. Bungle and The Charlie Hunter Quartet. Trevor Dunn and Lisle Ellis basses; Henry Kaiser and John Schott, guitars; William Winant and Scott Amendola, percussion; Mike Patton or Bob Ostertag: samples, electronics. This band performed at San Francisco Jazz Festival in 1997.

♦ Rova with Symphony Orchestra (1996)

Telegraphing the Temescal-originally commissioned by the Berkeley Symphony and composed by Jon Raskin.

♦ Rova with avant-guitarist Fred Frith and special guest (1995)
Special guests have included cellist Tom Cora, as part of a 1995 tour, electronics master Bob Ostertag, and guitarist Jean Marc Montera. Compositions are structured improvisations with visual cues.

♦ John Coltrane's Ascension (acoustic version - 1995)
For the same 11 piece ensemble as on the original recording - Coltrane's rarely performed 50-minute piece of historic importance to the evolution of jazz.
Rova Plays John Coltrane's Ascension.
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♦ Rova plus bass, electric guitar and cello (1994)
Rova performs a set of pieces composed by Steve Adams for special guests.

♦ The Secret Magritte (1993)
For nine piece ensemble. The extended work composed by Larry Ochs for the Antwerpen '93 Festival.     
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♦ Electric Rags II
Rova with composer Alvin Curran (1989) - for saxophone quartet plus interactive computer electronics and samplers.    
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 w/ Sam Rivers and Orkestrova premiering Rivers' Maelstrom (2000)
 w/ drummer/composer Gerry Hemingway (1999)
 w/ Mr. Bungle (1995)
 w/ computer electronics group The Hub (1993)
 w/ International Creativa Music Orchestra (for 1990 Pan Am games)
 w/ architect Howard Martin (1990 multi-media project Occupancy)
 w/ Seiichi Tanaka and San Francisco Taiko Dojo (1988)
 w/ Lawrence Butch Morris: Conduction 11 (1988) (CD available)
 w/Anthony Braxton: saxophone quintet (1987) (CD available)
 w/ synthesists Richard Teitelbaum and David Rosenboom (1987)
 w/ John Zorn's Cobra (1986)
 w/ Kronos Quartet (1984)
 w/ Margaret Jenkins Dance Company (1981)
 w/ artist John Fitzpatrick: The Sixth Labor of Heracles (1979)


As with all the great innovators in jazz, Rova is an ensemble with a unique voice and signature sound which has become refined over the years, helped along by Rova’s creation of over 70 works for the group - composed both individually and collectively. The pieces range from five to thirty-five minutes. Four of the longer works were commissioned by Reader's Digest/Meet the Composer. Since 1987, Rova has commissioned compositions from jazz and new music composers with the intent of creating a larger body of work for the saxophone quartet. The composers are encouraged to create pieces infused with the compositional sensibilities of creative notation and structured improvisation.

Pieces composed for Rova that are currently in the repertoire:
 Lindsay Cooper: Face in the Crowd
 Barry Guy: Witch Gong Game
 Fred Frith: Freedom in Fragments
 George Lewis: Ring Shout Ramble
 Wadada Leo Smith: The M’ad Din
 John Schott: Eons
 Pauline Oliveros: Saxual Orientation
 Marty Ehrlich: Exultations

Pieces created for Rova that are inactive but available on request:
 Terry Riley: Chanting the Light of Foresight
 Robin Holcomb: Laredo
 Alvin Curran: Electric Rags II
 Henry Threadgill: Background
 Jack DeJohnette: Suite for a Better World
 John Carter: Colors
 Tim Berne: The Visible Man
 Fred Ho: From Columbus to Capitalism
 Muhal Richard Abrams: Saxophone Quartet #1
 Chris Brown: Quartet with Shadows

Pieces created by Rova members that were commissioned by Meet the Composer / Reader’s Digest Commissioning Fund
 Larry Ochs: The Drift
 Steve Adams: The Gene Pool
 Jon Raskin: Appearances Aren’t Always What They Seem
 Larry Ochs: When the Nation Was Sound