Three Times Live

"Three Times Live" is drawn from several Rova concert performances of recent years. The first ten pieces were recorded at the Groningen Marathon 2000 festival in Groningen, Holland in October 2000. "Initials," by Larry Ochs, has worked as a concert opener because it quickly energizes the space and gets the quartet and the audience warmed up. "Radar" is Rova's improvisational structure in which we use hand cues to direct the action. The next seven pieces on the CD are from Fred Frith's "Freedom in Fragments." Our studio recording of this fascinating piece will soon be released on John Zorn's Tzadik label. The Groningen concert ended with an inspired version of Steve Adams' "The Gene Pool."

For Rovaté 1999, we had the opportunity to work with Sam Rivers. Included here is the encore, a quintet improvisation with Sam. The final piece was recorded in 1994 at the Transparent Messenger Festival in Placy, Czech Republic. The Festival took place in a cavernous 19th Century monastery. This midnight recording was made by candelight in the chapel with its remarkable acoustics.

We hope that you enjoy this special CD of unreleased performances, and we are deeply grateful for the support you have shown us.

Rova Saxophone Quartet