From The Vault (Rova Donor CD 2003)

We hope you enjoy this collection of music from live recordings.

"Flamingo Horizons" and "Paint Another Take of the Shoot Pop" are older works that we brought back for our 25th Anniversary and it is a real pleasure to hear Steve Adams contribution to them.

Bruce arranged "Staples" from a recording called "Saxophone Special" by Steve Lacy. It consisted of a Sax Quartet and Electronics and Nels, Otomo and Ikue really sound amazing on this cut. "Reality Surfing" is from collaboration we did with Mr. Bungle- Mike Patton- vocals, Trevor Dunn- Bass, Trey Spruance- guitar and Danny Heifez- drums.

When we arrived to set up at a club in Emeryville we found that most of the staff had quit earlier in the day. After a bit of scrambling and no sound check we were able put on the show. The recording is from the soundboard but the music is so fun I choose to include it anyway - Jon Raskin