Rova Sampler

Click Here to Listen to Remix Contest Entries These Remixes were made using tracks from piece "Flip Trap" by Steve Adams, which appears on the Rova CD "Planetary" (2011) as well as samples from the Rova CD ROM of 100's of samples called "Rovamatic."

Sonically surprising and wonderfully pleasing inventions from the acclaimed all saxophone ensemble.

Sound Bytes

 Album Description
From The Vault (Rova Donor CD 2003) From The Vault (Rova Donor CD 2003)  A collection of music from the Rova live recordings library
Long On Logic Long On Logic  Rova Saxophone Quartet's 2003 recording of music composed by Steve Adams, Fred Frith, Henry Kaiser, Larry Ochs and Jon Raskin.
Rova 2004 Donor CD Rova 2004 Donor CD  The Rova:Arts 2004 donor appreciation CD
Rova 2006 Donor CD Rova 2006 Donor CD  Includes pieces by composers Steve Adams, Jon Raskin, Natsuki Tamura, and John Zorn.
Rova 2009 Donor CD Rova 2009 Donor CD  Includes pieces by Steve Adams, Jon Raskin, Larry Ochs, the Celestial Septet, and the Rova Saxophone Quartet
Juke Box Suite Juke Box Suite  Compositions by Jon Raskin for the Rova Saxophone Quartet
Three Times Live Three Times Live  Live perfomances by the Rova Saxophone Quartet recorded at the Groningen Marathon 2000 festival in Groningen, Holland.
Totally Spinning Totally Spinning  Rova Saxophone Quartet's 2006 release on Black Saint.
The Celestial Septet The Celestial Septet  The Celestial Septet: Rova meets up with the Nels Cline Singers
The Sax Cloud The Sax Cloud  An evening of music for 16 saxophonists