Totally Spinning

Totally spinning

Bruce Ackley - soprano saxophone
Steve Adams - alto and sopranino saxophones
Larry Ochs - tenor and sopranino saxophones
Jon Raskin - baritone saxophone

1. Let's Go Totally Spinning (Raskin, Temescal/ASCAP) 8:08
2. Stiction (Adams, Metalanguage/BMI) 6:35
3. Radar (Rova, Metalanguage/BMI) 4:02
4. Cuernavaca Starlight for Charles Mingus (Adams, Metalanguage/BMI) 7:54
5. Kick It (Fred Frith, Anthill Music/GEMA) 3:40
6. It's a Journey, Not a Destination (Raskin, Temescal/ASCAP) 15:49
7. Preshrunk (Adams, Metalanguage/BMI) 5:37
8. Radar, Version 731 (Rova, Metalanguage/BMI) 8:11
Tracks 1 & 2 recorded 14 April, 1996 at Sharkbite Studios, Oakland, California
Tracks 3-8 recorded November 18 and 19 2000 at Mr. Toads, San Francisco

Engineer: Myles Boisen, Special assit: Jeff Byrd
Pre-mastering by Myles Boisen at Headless Buddha Studios, Oakland
Mastered at DISCTRONICS, Tribiano- Milano, engineer: Aldo Borelli

Produced by Rova
Executive producer: Flavio Bonandrini
Cover design by Ree Katrak
Artwork by Robin Winters
Photo by Dennis Letbetter

Listening, especially at dawn, to birds, seductive facts, we listen to their songs as to the song of brains.

We wake and dream wanting a great accumulation of adventures, as complex a though as possible and all there, if only for a minute, nothing but passage.

What things know no one knows, what we were we don't remember, nothing stops, clarification is constant and ubiquitous even if things are unclear and occasions don't endure.

Excerpt from " The Beginner" by Lyn Hejinian / Tuumba Tress, 2002 Rova special thanks to Tania Kac, Marie Katrak, Ostop Drogomoschenko, Dennis Letbetter, Lyn Hejinian, Fred Frith

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